The history of mankind has been influenced by men of religion, philosophy, politics, the sciences and the arts... but it has been determined by the man of the sword.. from the primitive caveman's crude stone ax to our modern computerized weaponry.

In the absence of actual warfare, medieval men-at-arms maintained their fighting skills by constant practice. Tournaments afforded knights the opportunity to display their fighting prowess to an admiring public. Private quarrels, affairs of honor, matters of state (when open warfare proved too expensive or inconvenient), criminal charges or accusations of high treason might be settled by force of arms... under the guise of a "Judgement of God."

The M.S.R. reproduces the military arts of the Middle Ages in the forms of Armored Combat, Jousting, Fencing and Archery.

In Acre, we have several offices to regulate the Military Arts. The Constable oversees all military arts in Acre. The Marshall oversees the heavy weapon combat, the Director of the Joust oversees the joust, The Captain of Fence oversees Fencing, and the Captain of Archery oversees all aspects of archery.

The Long Awaited Rules For Combat Archery Are Available!
Click here for heavy weapon combat archery rules or click here for fencing conbat archery rules.