Summer is Come!
by Lord Richard of Woodenbridge

'Summer, you who ripen Mans' sustenance
with the wholesome heat of the suns warmth, should be blessed
by all manner of men. May your friendly demeanor, and your
attractive, cheerful and happy appearance be ever thanked!'
- Thomas Hoccleve

Summer is come amid-June in defiance of the cool Springs efforts to remain, whence the sun did enter the sign of Cancer and shall remain ‘til the Sun enters Libra in September. Alban Huiruin, the solstice, the most powerful day of the Sun is past with fires alited upon the noble shore at midnight to await the dawn. Our days are presently waxing shortend in anticipation of the Autumn yet still she is some time away yet verily I do conceive not too-too distant. Summer is the time of the disruptive humor, choler, hot and dry, as indicated by the Tacuinun Sanitatis:

Summer (est as)
Nature: Of moderate warmth in the third degree. Optimum: Its initial period. Usefulness: Dissolves superfluities. Dangers: Prevents digestion and causes bilious humors. Neutralization of the Dangers: With cooling and moist substances.

Meats dressed in vinegar, chicken, cucumber, pottages based on barley, and sharpe fruits such as apples and pomegranate would do well to be eaten cool. I do submit, eek, no food nor deed which is heating should be embraced. Lovemaking and hot bathes are ill advised. As The Secretum Scriptorium advises, one should conceive the principle - “In the same way through the year one must cure the contrairies with contraries.” For this cause, if it please you, I offer the recipe for Cold Sage Chycken.

Cold Sage Chicken
Goodman p. 277/23

Take your chicken and quarter it and set to cook in salt and water, then set it to get cold. Then bray ginger, cinnamon powder, grain of Paradise, and cloves and bray them well without straining; then bray bread dipped in chicken broth, parsley (the most), sage, and a little saffron in the leaf and color it green and run it through a strainer (and some there be that run therewith yolk of egg) and moisten with good vinegar, and when it is moistened set it on your chicken and with and on the top of the aforesaid chicken set hard boiled eggs cut into quarters and pour your sauce over it all.

1/2 chicken, quartered
3 slices of bread dipped in chicken broth
4 T parsley
3 leaves sage
4 threads saffron
2 egg yolks
1/4 t ginger
1/2 t cinnamon
1/4 t grains of paradise
less than 1/8 t cloves
4 hard boiled eggs